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Dade Parking Enforcement, Inc.

We have over 250 clients, including: Walgreen's stores throughout Dade County CVS stores, Wal-mart, U.S. post office, Brands Mart stores, Dadeland Cutler Bay store, Dadeland Mall Toy’s R Us stores, Target stores, Publix’s supermarkets, Kimco Realty, Pay Less stores, Shoppes at Dadeland, Metropolis at Dadeland towers, The Falls mall, Mall of America , McDonald's, KW Property Management, Empire Property Management,over 50 major property management companies, Pinnacle Living Apartments, Dadeland Plaza Denny's, Sun Trust Banks in Dade County, Miracle Mile Shops, Wells Fargo, public storage units and many more.

Parking Regulations enforced 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Our company offers 2 shifts: day shift from 7am to 6 pm, and a night shift from 7 pm to 5 am.

All of our guards are fully licensed by the state of Florida.

Our guards are paid salary, and care about the customer's they are serving.

We offer one million dollars’ worth of insurance to our clients.

What makes us different from our competitors?

The competition are using non-security personnel for parking enforcement; all of our parking enforcement personnel are fully licensed security officers from the state of Florida. Some are armed if you prefer. Our personnel are subject to FBI background checks from the state of Florida as well.

We do not charge for the signs, signs are absolutely free.

We paint parking lots with No Parking Zones, Fire Lanes, Handicap, Visitors, Tow Away Zone and Reserve Space Number at no Cost.

Services within your Property Premises

Illegally parked vehicles in assigned visitor and management spaces.

Inoperable, abandoned vehicles.

Unwanted commercial or recreational vehicles.

Double parking.

Blocking the access to garbage and dumpster.

Offenders violating the fire lane, no parking zone or handicap.

Client Testimonials

  • Dade Parking has provided my apartment complex with what my residents and myself wanted...safety. People used to park in handicap, fire lanes, and even the sidewalks! Luckily, my partners and I found Dade to help monitor this parking problem. We've never been happier. Thank you!Donald O.

  • Hands down the best decision we've made to enforce parking rules! Their cars have beacons so at night the community sees that we have security. We get two for the price of one! A security company that comes with the parking enforcement service.Carlos M.

  • Our handicap parking spots had been abused by customers often. After numerous complaints, and calls to the local police, we decided to hire an enforcement company to help. Dade Parking Enforcement has ensured our shoppers can park where they are legally able to, and anytime this right is abused, they quickly and professionally take care of the problems. Amazing company.Marianne K.